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Telling stories through the medium of Photography.

Ted Distel first began shooting photography right after he moved to Los Angeles in 2004.  Originally focused on Animation, he was drawn to the grand and awe-inspiring landscapes populated throughout California and the Western U.S.  “Always the one with the camera” he started documenting his trips and kept shooting and working to improve his techniques. 

Fast forward a few years… He now works with various companies including Adidas Terrex, The American Alpine Club and more, shooting Adventure Photography / Videography, Products, and Scenics. He also creates Narratives through video and, uses his knowledge in animation to help with his editing.

You can see some of his work on the cover and within The Trail Runner’s Guide, printed in Rock and Ice Mag, and Placed on the bay windows of local climbing gyms, Sender One LAX and Santa Ana.


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