Gear & Apps

Gear & Apps

We have the tools, we have the talent

Below is a list of some primary tools I use during various shoots.


Sony a7ii

Sony a6500


Sony GM 16-35 f/2.8

Sony GM 24-70 f/2.8

Sony GM 70-200 f/2.8


Rotolight Neo – Three light kit.

Led Ring Light. 

Three Extra Dimmable led panels.

Extra Accessories:

Carbon Fiber Travel Photo Tripod.

Benro Video Tripod + S4 Head.

Wired and Remote Shutters.

40″ + 24″ Sliders

ND filter kit

Backdrop kit with various backgrounds. (Specifically for studio shooting)

Camera Bag:

Mountainsmith Shoulder Slung Bag

Below is a list of programs I use to both photo and video edit. I primarily use Adobe products though, I know there are many ways to edit photos, this ecosystem is what I’ve become most familiar with over the years.

Adobe Lightroom:

I use this program primarily to color correct and really start to refine the image.  Lots of initial time is spent here making sure the images looks right before we move onto the next phase.

Adobe Photoshop:

Photos that need that “little extra” to make them pop or, to remove or alter specific items or blemishes, are imported here and corrected as needed.

Adobe Premiere:

I’ve been using Adobe Premiere since before it was cool. 😉  I started on a PC and got familiar with the system and workflow and haven’t looked back.  After transitioning to a MAC ecosystem, I still use it as my go-to editing program. 

Adobe Aftereffects:

One of our other specialties is motion graphics and animation. After Effects has been a dependable program for the production and delivery of those assets. 

Adobe Audition:

When the going gets tough and the native controls in Premiere can’t handle the sound or, noise reduction as needed. Audition has the power and toolsets needed to clean up any extra artifacts or, crowd noises present in the media before final approvals.

Right Click is diabled to help keep my imagery safe. Thank you for visiting!